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Strategic Workplace Consulting

ACORPP recognise that the one thing that occurs in a company is change, be it organisational change or change to markets, change will occur and providing a workplace that enables this change is critical for organisations to exist moving into an unknown future. The workplace impacts on the organisational culture, way staff communicate and knowledge transfer, staff retention, individual’s productivity, the brand of the company and costs. However, many companies derive just a fraction of potential value from their space. Our workplace strategies help you create environments where people achieve more so your business can thrive.

ACORPP can provide organisations strategic advice on workplace strategies to help align the strategic vision and functional needs of the company to provide dynamic areas where people and organisations can work. This approach can be tied in with the companies’ property and accommodation requirements for space, providing a holistic solution, which include a whole range of solutions from open plan arrangements to Flexible Designed Workplace (FDW) to Agile, Activity Based Working (ABW).

ACORPP has a dedicated team of property consultants and project managers working in these industries representing only Tenants and End users only, therefore we have a wide range of experience of what a tenant really wants working towards best practice and happiness in their new home 

Understanding  workplace strategy is achieved through:

  • Understanding future demands on the workplace
  • Proposing innovative and more effective ways of working
  • Providing strategies for  your workplace to fit for the future
  • Providing strategies tailored to the needs of your employees and business


By understanding and working hand in hand with yourselves, outcomes can work towards:

  • Provide accommodation solutions and
  • Creating environments for people to collaborate, focus and achieve more
  • Strengthen and reflect the corporate brand and values
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Integrate technology solutions
  • provide optimal space utilisation to reduce costs and increase your business performance
  • Develop the correct use of flexibility for your work space that meets your companies requirements.

An extensive range of services is offered that can be adapted to meet the demands of the workplace strategy, whatever its complexity;

  • Advice on the overall programme delivery the workplace (ie property outcomes, IT, etc)
  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Workshops with user groups
  • Staff questionnaires
  • Utilisation studies of current workplace
  • Briefing requirements for the design process
  • Measurement of productivity gains
  • Change management issues that may be encountered

If you need assistance please contact us.