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Asset Management

ACORPP’S asset management services aim to assist clients with advice on the strategic and physical management of their property portfolios (both freehold and leasehold).

We have an in depth understanding of the often complex nature of property transactions and vast experience in the variety of ways property can be utilised, including the scope for substantial savings.

ACORPP’s property asset management services include:

  •  Asset rationalisation
  •  Lease terminations
  •  Surplus real estate
  •  Facility management
  •  Marketing
  •  Negotiations

Thanks to our experience in asset management Perth and Brisbane businesses have been able to make large savings on their property transactions. ACORPP always works with the best interests of the client and understands the importance of informing and reporting at every stage of any process.

Market Assessments

ACORPP has the qualified personnel, experience and ability to undertake assessments for a diverse range of properties and purposes, including residential, office complexes, shopping centres, industrial warehouses and englobo land.

These include current market value assessments, land exchanges, project feasibility, highest and best use, compensation and rent reviews. We have worked with a number of major clients at both our asset management Australia offices in Perth and Brisbane. 

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