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Horizon Power

Workplace Strategy and Office Fitout

ACORPP were engaged to deliver a workplace strategy to Horizon Power that could be implemented once negotiations for a new lease were complete. Key questions driving negotiations were whether to stay or relocate, and how much space would be required.  If the current lease was to be extended, a 10-year old fitout would need to be brought in line with the business’s current requirements. Challenges that Horizon Power have traditionally faced as a business include a natural “ebb and flow” in staff numbers in line with market.  Additionally, as new projects teams were formed, finding space for these teams were challenging.

To arrive at a strategy, ACORPP assessed the organisation’s current operations, and identified strengths and weaknesses that could be addressed by a strategy. To do this, staff at a grass roots level were interactively engaged, as was the leadership team. The methodology used was tailored to the unique elements of the Horizon Power business and values, and has been received well.  ACORPP were successful in delivering a workplace strategy that aligned with Horizon Power’s values and business drivers.

ACORPP proceeded to provide Project Management Services and delivered a three stage fitout within Horizon Power’s existing operational office complex.  The delivery of the project within a live environment added complexities to the project, however all three stages were delivered successfully, whilst maintaining business continuity throughout.