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Independent Market Operator - Perth, WA

Tenant Representation & Project Management

IMO's New Home
The Independent Market Operator (IMO) wanted to create a flexible open plan workplace that facilitated increased communication between its employees. In addition to this, the image and quality of the final product was an important factor for IMO, as it needed to portray leadership and reflect openness. The final delivery of the project was delivered to the Client with a modern reception area and effective open plan work stations.

Key design elements included break out areas and specialist communication areas, together with downtime interactive spaces and quiet areas to counteract the balance with open plan verses privacy factor. IMO received a new space that matched their core values, which was equally reflected within their branding. The new team space consisted of collaboration furniture, lighting, as well as whiteboard walls, to encourage strategy discussion and collaboration.

The Project
ACORPP s tenant advocacy team was engaged to identify new office accommodation options in the CBD, in response to the IMO outgrowing its existing office space and to negotiate their commercial terms. Co-incidentally, Level 17 of the same building in which IMO currently occupied became available and subsequently Acorpp negotiated 855 sqm of office space in this location.

Following this, the ACORPP Projects Team took over the project management of the fitout. The delivery of the fitout had to work in coordination with the base build refurbishment and close coordination had to occur following its completion.