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Aurizon - Perth, WA

Tenant Representation & Project Management


ACORPP property team was engaged to identify a new facility which would accommodate the company’s future expansion requirements as their present location did not have the required space to carry this out. ACORPP negotiated commercial terms for a space within West Perth that could meet Aurizon’s requirements and from there the Project team took over.

The client brief was to provide an open and collaborative office that would enable easy communication throughout all departments with a heavy emphasis on staff working conditions as this was seen as vitally important.


The fitout consisted of open and partitioned offices, small and large meeting rooms and large boardroom. As well as the initial brief requirements, emphasis was placed on graphical design and this was worked in with Aurizon’s corporate branding. The finished product delivered an open plan, light and airy environment with subtle yet distinct indicators of Aurizon’s business identity.

Problem Solving

ACORPP’s task was to ensure that whilst these ideas were brought to fruition the more important budget constraints remained. Whilst cost and design were driving factors, another major risk to Aurizon involved the timing. There was very little time between identification of a new facility and relocation, which meant ACORPP had to manage design, documentation, procurement and construction within very strict timelines to ensure project completion. This was managed successfully with the Project being delivered on time and under budget.