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22 Feb
Out of the Vault and into a snappy Christmas

Mailchimp cover photo

Snappy start to Christmas

If there's ever a time that your smart phone is going to get a selfie workout, it's the staff Christmas party. Perth Directors Lisa Seun and Justin Boelen kicked it off first with a quick trip to join Matt Buckley and his team in Brisbane. It was rather an elegant affair with lunch at Matt Moran's Aria Restaurant chased by a round of espresso martinis. Not being satisfied to leave it at that, the crew headed off and managed to visit several local bars when day turned into night. Needless to say the flight back for Lisa and Justin felt rather long.

Canva Collage FINAL

In Perth, we got professional with our selfies and in preparation for the possibility of recording a team member's fall from grace, our festivities began with a smart phone photographic course. Run by Photoh, the 90-minute course took us through the streets of Perth where we practiced in the arts of composition, lighting, perspective and editing.

The newly-minted ACORPP paparazzi then spent the afternoon shutter-bugging during a long afternoon at Little Creatures Next Door in Fremantle. See our photographic accomplishments here in our Christmas gallery.


Team physical performance straight from the Vault

It might be recalled from our last newsletter, that many members of the team had signed up to a six week challenge at CBD’s corporate gym, The Vault.

Participant’s weight, body fat and blood pressure measurements were taken before and after to calculate progress and improvement. This involved the improvement between the before and after fitness time trials which was calculated on a rigorous 20 minute circuit of both endurance and strength training. 

Man doing splits amended


The key achievements can now be released:

• ACORPP are the first company to ever complete the corporate challenge at the Vault, St Martins Centre.

• A whopping 79% (11 of the participants) completed the challenge.

• ACORPP succeeded in shaving off an impressive 11 minutes and 38 seconds for their overall time.

• In addition, the office lost a total weight loss of 7.7kg.

• With a total fat loss of 9.3Kg

• In turn, ACORPP lost 9 years of metabolic age in 6 weeks!

Anybody who would like their organisation to take on the challenge can contact The Vault at to find out more.


Whoever invented padded bike shorts - thank you...

While the Perth office was turning back the clock and trimming waistlines, Brisbane Director Matthew Buckley was pedalling up the kilometres in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) annual bike ride.

JDRF Ride 2016 Start

Held in the Barossa Valley last January, Matt took part in a remarkable 160 km ride, raising over $10,000 making him the highest individual fundraiser and third overall fundraiser. We don't quite know who first put the padding in the bike shorts but we can tell you that Matt is very grateful for it.




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