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22 May
Workplace design principles in the classroom!

By Gordon Bateup 


Workplace design principles could soon be finding their way into the classroom, according to ACORPP director, Gordon Bateup.

He believes that the “Flexible Designed Workplace” could play an integral role in preparing students for their careers as well as better positioning Australia as a key player in the knowledge economy.

“It’s a concept that would contribute to an environment that promotes collaboration and innovation in learning. These skills are going to be highly valued in a future Australia that relies on its thought leadership rather than its manual skills,” Gordon said.

He said that he was currently in discussions with a school that was keen to understand how workplace design could translate into an education environment – and deliver benefits.

 “FDW in a school environment has significant potential because it recognises that students learn differently and that there are a variety of classroom learning situations that could be enhanced by complementary design,” he said.

Gordon suggested that the classroom of the near future could be determined by a space, joinery, furniture and an IT infrastructure that could be instantly “re-moulded, repositioned and reshaped” to support a variety of learning outcomes.

“There could be clusters of bean bags for a group discussion or a café table style setting for think tanks. All of this would support the traditional structured lesson plans but introduce a ‘break-out’ organic dimension that supports collaboration and creativity,” Gordon said.

The FDW, as reported in the last ACORPP newsletter revolves around determining the design of a space model that seamlessly fuses static and activity elements and provides for future permutations depending on business – or education - needs. 

“Everything that is happening in education in an IT sense needs to be complemented by another intelligence shift: the digital space and the physical space need to complement one another.” Gordon said.



Source: Zuideveld Marchant Hur-ZMH, photographer Douglas Black. 



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