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06 Mar
Hidden savings all in the upfront detail

Every project that ACORPP takes on has hidden client value and savings, according to Director, Gordon Bateup.

"It would be meaningless to offer an upfront client guarantee – as many companies do – that they will add value and bring the project in on or under budget," he said.

"How can you possibly do that unless you thoroughly understand their business needs and what they hope to achieve in their new fit out and/or construction?"

Gordon said that the ACORPP approach was one of discovery where time invested in the strategy and approach gradually revealed where those savings could be made.

"They are in the detail and you don't get to that until you really drill down into the project. Then all the options begin to reveal themselves. That could mean we might be able to add something more in, or it might result in something costing less," he said.

A recent example revolved around a project approach where ACORPP focused the budget spend on the hard structures within an office space including dry walls, meeting rooms, restrooms, kitchens etc.

Once that had been allocated, it worked with the designers on the furniture budget. That was further developed to produce a choice of models and cost options on key furniture types. A tender process was also initiated where the volume of furniture requirements would generate a lower unit cost.

On another occasion, a client needed a workshop and office space fitted out within a new construction. ACORPP worked with the landlord to ensure that key requirements were included in the construction plans and lease. This ensured that two maintenance pits central to the functionality of the whole space and in ground services were included in the construction. The rest of the fit out developed from there.

Had the maintenance pits been built and installed at a later point that would have been at significant cost to the client.

"Our early involvement and our project experience delivered real value and tangible cost savings," Gordon said.

He said that another example where experience and knowledge helped a client who was integrating certain components into his fit out that had been manufactured overseas.

"We were able to advise that Australian standards required a certain level of performance in that area. This advice, in fact, resulted in considerable savings," Gordon said.

He said that engaging ACORPP provided a strategic advantage for clients because the business was living and breathing the insights and intricacies of its industry every day.

"We know the trends, we know the red tape, we know the suppliers and we know the costs. We represent the other end of the learning curve. We've been riding it for 20 years," he said.

"That's what we deliver: 20 years of getting it right. And that's why we know that once we drill down into your project we will find those savings and we will add that value."





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