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16 Jan
It must be an ACORPP Christmas Party!

So let me set the scene…It was a warm and sunny summers day. The team of ACORPP Perth sat comfortably in their office feverishly closing out work to be completed before Christmas…The clock struck noon. Bong! Screens went blank and lights switched off as the team stepped out to enjoy what would be the ACORPP Christmas Event.

The venue was a well-kept surprise and indeed there was much confusion when the direction that was given was… “make your way to the Wee Bar”. Nevertheless we all arrived (some taking a detour on the way!). We were walked through an empty bar were stools stood upon tables, and into to a back room which as it turns out...was a kitchen!, and where we met….Ian of Lawless Cooking.  We were there to partake in a BBQ Masterclass. As with all things Ian Lawless, BBQ comes with a twist (and lots of chilli).

The staff donned their aprons and began by cutting chillis and garlic and assorted other ingredients from far off lands. Some staff had vast experience of the various ingredients, but some were baffled by a piece of ginger (you decide who was who). 

Many a dish was made, tasted, consumed and enjoyed whilst following Ian’s faultless cooking. Fraser placed himself in charge of the cassette player (yes there really was a cassette player which was loaded with Abba on arrival, that was changed quickly), Jenny was chief stirrer (now called half pint after Ian kindly gave her a nickname which has stuck) and Justin put himself forward to polish off any leftover fish remains, including the eyes of the snapper put forward. 

Following some more good food and a few drinks we adjourned to the now open Wee Bar, where we enjoyed a snifter. Ray and Gordon introduced Mario to ‘Tennants’ lager (quite appropriate if you think about it!!)….he didn’t approve when he was handed a metal can and no glass…he approved even less after taking a sip. After a while we decided on a change of venue.

The details of what happened thereafter cannot be anyone…sorry, are not to be recalled by anyone. But all we can say is the ACORPP team again had a great Christmas event.

Next year we look forward to the Brisbane team making the treak over to Perth to experience one of our ‘you had to be there’ Christmas parties!





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