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20 Jan
ACORPP Brisbane office off to a roaring start

The Brisbane office launched on 1 July and what a start we have seen!

The reception from the market for our services has been fantastic and we have seen some significant wins in our short existence, starting with 6 EOI’s or renegotiations for tenants being undertaken that collectively have saved them over $2,000,000!

We also undertook property analysis and due diligence programs for prospective buyers and owners as well as negotiations for tenants who were in disputes with their landlords.  Again, we have been able to demonstrate successful outcomes and achieved great savings for our clients. 

A great example of this was a national firm we represented who were relocating after many years to new offices.  We assisted with the negotiation of make good costs with the owner and were able to achieve a 73% reduction in this cost.

Another tenant within the CBD had commenced negotiations with their existing landlord to renew their lease when we were engaged.  From the time of our appointment, we were able to improve the agreement significantly by negotiating out make good provisions, increasing the incentive and reducing the bank guarantee the tenant had in place.  Overall, these were worth around $113,000 which on a tenancy which was less than 160sqm, represented a saving of 42% from the starting position.

After a break over the Christmas period, we have hit the ground running in 2014 with 2 office EOIs and a purchase EOI in process.  We have also been assisting a number of Not For Profit organisations with their property strategy and management and are looking to increase the professional consultancy work to help even more clients with their property needs.

So overall a great start to our Brisbane office! We look forward to sharing many more success stories in the months to come!





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