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02 Dec
ACORPP chosen for CitySwitch office sustainability case study

Although we work with some big clients and on some huge projects, we ourselves are a relatively small company of under 20 people. But we still felt it was very important to show leadership in the area of office sustainability. That’s why when it came to overseeing our recent Perth office move, we insisted on creating a working environment of the very highest standard.

 We’re very pleased to say that CitySwitch thought so too, which is why they’re using our move as a case study in how to project manage an office move with sustainability as a priority. We’re set to feature in a CitySwitch article in SMEA magazine (that stands for Small to Medium Enterprise Australia, in case you were wondering).

 So, just why did CitySwitch choose us? Well, when planning and project managing our own office move we employed exactly the same working philosophy and principles that we use for all our clients. First of all, we chose a space where we could maximise the amount of natural light. This had a number of functions. Firstly, it allowed us to reduce the amount of time that artificial lighting was needed. This also improved the indoor environment quality for our staff and provided access to external views for the relief of eye strain.

 We also used only materials with low volatile organic compound (VOC) values. Everything from the paintwork to the carpets was chosen to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals. In fact, all our carpets are VOC free, meaning that they can be 100% recycled at the end of their natural lifespan.

 As well as this, we chose an office that would encourage the use of public transport and cycling, even providing a locker space within the tenancy. Waste management was another important factor and something our team worked together to address.

 We know that when it comes to sustainability in tenant consultancy all too often it is ‘do as we say, not as we do’ with some companies. That’s why we decided to lead by example and manage our own move with the very highest standards of sustainability in mind. We know our clients expect the very best project management, including a focus on sustainability. Here at ACORPP we expect nothing less from ourselves. Like we said, we practice what we preach.





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