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25 Nov
Six top tips for a productive workplace


An effective office space should take a number of factors into account. Get it right and you will notice a marked improvement in employee happiness, productivity and, most importantly, the bottom line. Get it wrong and you could risk stagnation. Here’s a list of six things every business needs to think about for a productive workplace. They’re all key to way we think, work and deliver here at ACORPP’s commercial property consultancy.

Desk size and space

Technology has thankfully reduced the amount of paper consumed and used by an office. This has also led to a reduction in the desk size needed by the average employee, or at least a more intelligent use of workstations. Reflect this in your office space by using this extra room to provide creative and collaborative workzones. It will also cut down on the area your company needs to utilise.


Going mobile

Thanks to the technological revolution, we can all work on the move. That means we’re no longer tied to the desk, and in some cases that we don’t need a desk at all. Activity-based working (ABW) and shared workstations allow you to encourage mobility and remote working opens a world of possibilities for some small companies, not least increased collaboration.


Open or closed

The debate still rages about the benefits or drawbacks of open plan offices. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is whether it works for your organisation. Open plan encourages collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas but it does come with its downsides, which can be lack of privacy and distraction. This, however, can be mitigated by smart design.


Technology and training

As we’ve already mentioned, technology has revolutionised the way we work but if you or your staff don’t know how to maximise its potential, you might be missing out. Adapt and manage your technological solutions and ensure all staff are equipped with the skills to use it best.


We’re only human

Never underestimate the importance of the human factor in your office space. Happy and comfortable staff are productive staff. So, a windowless, poorly ventilated, cramped office will inevitable affect productivity. Ask for input from your staff, find out what makes them happy and provide the most comfortable, pleasant and healthy environment for work. Their feedback can produce very positive results.



Think about the sustainability of your office space on every level. From the amount of energy you use to the chemicals in your paintwork. Effective sustainable solutions will have a dramatic impact on your productivity and expenditure, not to mention creating a healthier working environment for everyone in the office.





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