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01 Nov
Chance of meeting climate demands dwindling says UNEP report

The Emissions Gap Report 2013 has found that at the present levels greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 will be around twelve gigatonnes (around one trillion kilograms) of CO2 equivalent above the necessary levels to limit warming.

 This news comes hot on the heels of another recent report from the Climate Change Authority that said that Australia needs to raise its emissions reduction target from 5 to 15%.

 Around 80% of the emissions from cities are currently coming from commercial office buildings. Roughly half of this comes from the use of base building services during construction and the other half from tenant activity within the work place. These are figures that can and must be reduced if we are to meet the emission reduction targets and improve the working and living environment in our cities.

 The UNEP report outlines three key areas where commercial property and tenants could benefit from initiatives. They were energy efficiency, renewable energy initiatives and fossil fuel subsidy reform. While it is true that international cooperative initiatives in these areas would inevitably lead to a reduction in emissions, there is also plenty we can do at an individual company level.

 From large corporations to small and medium sized business, more efficient work place management and office locations could help to limit emissions. Local initiatives such as the no-cost service provided by CitySwitch can help you to reduce emissions. It’s also possible that office relocation or improved tenancy consultancy could benefit your company and similarly help to reduce emissions and operational costs.

 Here at ACORPP we’re dedicated to finding sustainable commercial property and our tenant consultancy is sustainability led. We have an in depth understanding of the processes involved to provide the right sustainable outcomes for you and your business. We represent your interests at every stage of the process, including advocating lease agreements that are sustainability focussed.

As the UNEP and Climate Change Authority reports show, it is our responsibility at a corporate, commercial (including small and medium sized businesses – it all adds up) and work place level to reduce emissions and do all we can to meet the targets laid out.





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