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18 May
ACORPP Market Voice - Brisbane Market Struggles to Find the Positives

In this Market Voice, we switch our focus east and see how the commercial property is faring in Brisbane. Local ACORPP director Matt Buckley analyses the statistics that show sector doldrums are not confined to just Perth.

17 May
ACORPP Construction Voice - Residential Cranes Fill Brisbane Skyline But Commercial Clouds Over

Brisbane’s city skyline is peppered with cranes giving rise to a perception of a booming construction market. And it’s true – but it’s emphatically weighted in favour of the residential sector with big unit complexes going up in the CBD and inner city locations.

16 May
Money Talks – But you need to know the language

Money talks, but sometimes it talks in its own language and you need to be an accountant to understand what’s actually being asked for when it’s time to fund a new lease.


Personal guarantees are often easier for start-up / smaller businesses where capital is required for operational growth and having cash set aside is a hardship.  Always try and limit this to a set amount to minimise the overall exposure – particularly if a business has multiple sites. Where possible however, it is far safer to not provide personal / director guarantees.

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